Rascals Brewing Co

Rascals Brewing Co

Welcome to our brewery, pizza restaurant, taproom and event spaces.We brew all the popular beer styles but with the Rascals twist! Find out more about our beer and order online delivery.

Come visit Rascals HQ, take a tour, have a pizza, and enjoy all our brews! 

Rascals Brewing was founded in 2014 by Emma Devlin and Cathal O’Donoghue. The pair were living and working in New Zealand and developed a taste and passion for the booming Kiwi craft beer industry. In the spirit of adventure, they decided to change careers entirely and set up their own craft brewery back home in Dublin. Sure, why not?

Since then, Rascals has brewed all manner of wonderful beer, from Chardonnay Saisons to Mint Choc Stouts to Strawberry Vanilla Milkshake IPAs. We’ve a brand personality which promotes fun, adventure, and the broadening of tastes. Our beers are bold, bright and full of distinct character. We were thrilled to scoop up quite a few awards along our journey, including Gold at the 2016 World Beer Awards for our popular Yankee White IPA.

Come check out our headquarters in Inchicore, Dublin city, which houses our brewery, taproom, event space and pizzeria. Seriously good beers, seriously good pizza, and a very warm Rascals welcome await you!

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