Economic and Social Development

Kilmainham Inchicore Network

The Kilmainham Inchicore Network aims to facilitate local people, local businesses and community groups engage in the development and enhancement of the economic, social, cultural, and environmental aspects of Inchicore and Kilmainham.


This website is an initiative driven by the Kilmainham Inchicore Network in an effort to facilitate and support the citizens living, working and visiting the Kilmainham and Inchicore district. This website acts as a host of information for what is going on in the area, the places to visit, to dine in and events to attend. 

One of the main features on this website includes a community forum. This forum offers a direct link between the community and the Dublin City Council South Central Office as well as acting as a network for local citizens, organisations and associations to share information and knowledge within their community.

The ultimate aim of the Kilmainham Inchicore Network is to create a most desirable safe district of Dublin to live, work and enjoy.

This is a Dublin City Council Initiative who are supporting this project both financially and professionally.

Meet the team

Aoife Hannan, Project Manager, Kilmainham Inchicore Network

Aoife Hannan works for the Dublin City Council South Central Area Office and is the Project Manager of the Kilmainham Inchicore Network. Aoife has a keen interest in community development and regeneration, holding a research, business and crafts background she is well placed to lead out this project. Aoife will be the point of contact and liaison between the local community and Dublin City Council and can be contacted via email or on our community forum.

Eamon Devoy, Independent Chairman:

Eamon is the Independent Chairperson of the Network and acts as a link between the community and Dublin City Council. He is the Director of Technical Training in the national training company: Education Training & Organisational Services (ETOS). He is a former General Secretary of one of Ireland's Largest Trade Unions, is a strong community and political activist and campaigner for social justice. Eamon has been appointed to the leadership team of many national organisations and is an ardent supporter of the very successful Apprenticeship System in Ireland.

Kilmainham Inchicore Network - The History

In the first six months of 2016, Dublin City Council worked closely with St.Michael’s Estate and the Inchicore Regeneration Board to decide on the formation of an Inchicore and Kilmainham Network.

In the beginning, relevant dynamic groups and people from local businesses, community and statutory groups in the area were asked if they would take an active part in this project with one vision: to facilitate the improvement and development of the area.

Over the course of the latter part of 2016 the needs of the groups and community became clear. An online platform was needed for the sharing of knowledge and information within the community, as well as creating a direct link between the community and Dublin City Council. This website is the outcome of the Kilmainham Inchicore Network meetings to date.

The Kilmainham Inchicore Network aims to continue to support the citizens and businesses of the area in the future and is open for feedback and comments from you to help determine its next stage of development for the community.

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